The land is a conservation easement. Historic Locust Hill Manor has legally protected the natural beauty and conservation of its forests by permanently limiting the use of the land. Every legal measure has been taken to ensure future generations enjoyment of the bountiful land.

Awarded a Forest Stewardship Award. The surrounding property of Historic Locust Hill Manor contains forests that are responsibly managed, providing environmental, social, and economic benefits. The carefully managed forests: provide enough oxygen for at least 10,000 people to breathe clean, healthy air; and, they reduce large amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Since more carbon dioxide is reduced than created by the property, the Historic Locust Hill Manor has a carbon negative footprint.

A member of the Conservation Reserve Program. Historic Locust Hill Manor became a member of the Conservation Reserve Program after planting 20 acres of fruit and oak trees. Additionally, no pesticides, chemicals, or petro-fertilizers are ever used on the land. The water, soil, and air stay clean and remain bountiful.